Role of HR in Achieving Business Goals

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Assignment 2
Prepare a report for your Chief Executive outlining and critically evaluating how your HR department’s contribution to the achievement of business goals is measured, and how that contribution could be measured in the future Executive summary

Changes in the way HR functions over the last few decades, with devolvement of responsibilities to line managers, outsourcing and disappearance of large teams of generalist HR professionals. The residual role of the in-house HR team is under threat and it is therefore essential for HR to justify its existence, by proving that it adds value to the organisation. This report aims to identify how HR in SYP is measured, if the current measurements can properly evaluate how HR contributes to the achievement of SYP’s business goals, and how that contribution could be measured in the future Sophie Robinson

Identification of SYP’s organisational business goals and objectives Description of the current structure and role of HR within SYP Literature Review
Theory and Best Practice Review
Identification of current performance measures
Data presentation
Possible ways of measuring HR performance in the future
Identification of organisational business goals and objectives The Chief Constable’s Commitment The Chief Constable has made a commitment to the people of SYP to improve crime reduction and community safety. Based on the National Policing Policies and public and employee consultation, the Command team and the Police Authority have agreed six priority areas. The priority areas stated below are taken from the Local Policing Plan 2005-2006. These state that SYP will:

Respond to the needs of the communities, particularly vulnerable communities by continuing to provide neighbourhood policing. Respond to the individual needs of victims and witnesses by providing timely support, improved communication to quality of service. Reduce overall crime including violent crime

Reduce concern about crime, antisocial behaviour and disorder by improving communications from and with the public – providing an accessible and visible service inspiring confidence in , particularly amongst vulnerable communities Continue SYP’s commitment to combating serious and organised crime within and across force boundaries Continue our commitment to bringing more offences to justice and to local persistent and other priority offenders projects alongside our partners within the criminal justice system How the improvement can be achieved

In order for these priority areas to be focused on, targets to achieve in the 2005/2006 financial year have been identified: {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} Monitoring where we are against the targets SYP and the Authority

The above priorities and targets are measured annually by SYP and the Police Authority. They look at the Policing Best Value Indicators (PBVIs) which are contained within a matrix called the Policing Performance Assessment Framework (PPAF). The PPAF was developed jointly by the Home Office, Association of Police Authorities and the Association of Chief Police Officers. Its aim is to support performance improvements by focusing on key strategic outcome measures, providing a framework for performance comparison. Using the PBVIs, it is possible to measure SYP performance against the priorities and targets that have been set. SYP’s Senior Command Team

On a daily and weekly basis the Senior Command team review the Force’s performance against the crime indicators, using the Strategic Performance Overview. Each month the performance of districts and departments are circulated in the Performance Bulletin. This provides a more detailed information on the organisation’s current...
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