Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Corporate Social Responsibility


Ms. Susan Abraham
Assistant Professor,
SCMS School of Technology and Management,
SCMS Campus,
Muttom, Aluva ' 683106


Phone: 9495114276

Higher educational institutions in India have been contributing to the knowledge base of our country. They have been enrolling students at the rate of 10 percent in the year 2007. Privatisation of these institutions has brought in a host of issues to tackle such as poor quality, high fees and regulatory bottlenecks. These issued have resulted in the erosion of quality in education. Moreover, the products of these institutions have not been contributing to the welfare of the Indian society. This paper deliberates on the causes and consequences of these issues and also a few measures to make these institutions more socially responsible.

Role of Higher Educational Institutions in Corporate Social Responsibility
Ms. Susan Abraham*

Education at the college or university level represents higher education in India. Higher education in India has expanded many folds since independence. There are 400 Universities, 18064 colleges, 5 lakh teachers and 112 lakh students today. Enrolment ratio in higher in India was 10 percent in 2007. Globalisation has brought about a spectacular growth in higher education. India is becoming a genuine knowledge society, knowledge economy and aiming to be a global super power. This has all happened because of the growth of education in the public sector and participation of private sector. According to the Planning Commission reports, in the period 2002 ' 2007, the share of private institutions in higher education increased from a third to over half of all enrolment and this trend is expected to continue into the future. Most private institutions offer education in a few disciplines like engineering, medicine and management. They amount for around 80 percent of the engineering and over 50 percent of medical seats available to students. These private institutions have preferred these streams as they are ‘job-oriented’ and students prefer them for job prospects. Most of the institutions of higher education are located in urban areas. The Central Government has welcomed the growth of private institutions. It helps the government to show growth in enrolment in higher education without corresponding investment from government funds. Another reason for government’s support to private participation is that government can ensure availability of skilled technical manpower in line with the needs of the economy. * Ms. Susan Abraham, Assistant Professor, SCMS School of Technology and Management, SCMS Campus, Aluva ' 683106.

Problems in higher education:
The problems of the Indian higher education system relate to its huge size, providing access and equity to all, especially marginalized sections of the Indian society, with relevant and quality education and tackling resource constraints. Coupled with these are the problems of quality, finance and problems in the regulatory bodies.

Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Educational Institutions: The above mentioned problems bring us to the question ' whether institutions of higher education should have Corporate Social Responsibility. The need for Corporate Social Responsibility in higher educational institutions is necessary because they are marketing ‘education’ which is badly needed by the economy for national development. Private institutions have a major accountability in so far as producing the human capital needed by the economy. It is widely known that Corporate Social Responsibility beneficiaries of big businesses are the educational institutions. So it becomes essential to know how these Corporate Social Responsibility-beneficiaries are doing their Corporate Social Responsibility. Private institutions can be...
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