Role of Fate

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Product Diversification Strategy of Unilever Bangladesh Ltd

Unilever Bangladesh limited tries to lead the market by enlarging the range of its products depending on the needs, wants and demand of the consumers. Thus it follows product diversification strategy to satisfy current customers and to retain potential customers in the long run. That is why it has classified its strategic business unit in the following sectors.

Strategic business unit (SBU):

1. Home care brands
2. Personal care brands
3. Food brands

1. Home care brands:

=> Surf Excel
Surf excel is the highest selling premium washing powder in Bangladesh. Over the last twenty years it has anticipated the changing washing needs of the Bangladeshi homemaker and constantly upgraded itself. Surf excel is a champion of unleashing human potential. Consequently, it believes that children learn best when left to discover things on their own. For any consequential stains there is Surf excel. And because it takes only one minute for children to get dirty, Surf excel now removes tough stains like ink & shoe polish within one minute. => Vim Bar

The highly popular Vim Bar challenge campaign created quite a hype in households all over the country. Housewives were challenged that they have never before experienced such a quick and efficient cleaning effect on their kitchen utensils with any other product!  The Vim Bar, a revolutionary innovation for household products, brought together tradition and technology and came up with a dishwash in soap form.  The Vim Bar is a powerful grease cutter that removes tough burnt marks easily.  It is also suitable for all types of dishes and offers easy cleaning with a pleasing lemon fragrance.

=> Wheel
A dominant market leader in the detergent segment, Wheel Washing Powder is known for its great cleaning ability with minimum effort. The new formulation of Wheel Washing Powder is enhanced with the fragrance of thousand flowers as well as the power of lemon, thus not only removing the tough dirt in your cloth, but also leaving clothes smelling of a thousand flowers well after washing. The convenience provided by Wheel Washing Powder has relieved many housewives from the laborious laundry process of the traditional Ball Soaps.

2. Personal care brands:

=> Lux
• Lux Strawberry and Cream: Every woman wants to be indulged! Use Lux Strawberry and Cream to fill your skin smooth and silky. Lovingly created with a sumptuous mix of luscious strawberries and moisturizing cream extracts that leaves your skin soft. • Lux Peach and Cream: No women can resist the pleasure of being pampered. Use Lux Peach and Cream, lovingly created with the blend of juicy peach and moisturizing cream extracts, for a velvety, soft skin. Just gorgeous! • Aqua Sparkle: Wake up to a body that looks fresh and full of life. Lux Aqua Sparkle, with refreshing mineral salts and seaweed extracts, is the best kept secret to help renew your skin from bored to full of life! There won’t be dull days!

=> Pond's
In 1886 it was re-launched as Pond's Extract and in 1914 Pond's Cold Cream and Vanishing Cream marked the brand's evolution to a beauty icon. By the mid-1920s it was reflecting this positioning with endorsements by society beauties. Its stylish image was underpinned by guarantees of product delivery and an understanding of women's beauty routines and needs.  In 1955 Pond's Extract Company merged with Chesebrough Manufacturing and in 1987 Unilever purchased Chesebrough-Pond's. By this time the Pond's brand had built up a powerful international presence. Pond's Daily Face Wash

Even the best soaps are alkaline, which while cleansing your face, dries and stretches your skin, resulting in premature wrinkles and lines. Pond's Daily Face Wash is 100% soap-free, thus non-alkaline. Its Active Cleansing System deep cleans without drying. Your face retains its natural moisture and looks noticeably...
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