Role of Esl Teacher

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The Role of an English Teacher in the Middle School Classroom

Thesis statement: The teacher plays several kinds of roles in order to improve the students’ English level.

1 Introduction.
2 The teacher plays many roles in the middle school classroom. A. The teacher is a controller.
B. The teacher is an organizer.
C. The teacher is an assessor.
D. The teacher is a participant.
E. The teacher is a helper.
F. The teacher is a prompter.
3 Conclusion.

Abstract: For the IT and all kinds of mediums are developing quickly, An English teacher is not the only way for the students to get their knowledge. The difference between a teacher and a student is not that a teacher is more knowledgeable than a student, but that a teacher can develop a student’s intelligence, mood, character, vitality and personality. “ Education is not merely culture teaching, but stimulate the creation of people and wake up people’s emotion so that people can act freely and voluntarily”, Pan(2002)said. “Teachers are related to people’s growth closely. People’s development changes with time. These changes make more demands to teachers.” Yu(2005) said. The English teacher not only teaches the students to study English, but also how to improve themselves in various aspects. So, the role of the only “controller” of an English teacher could not meet the need of the development of education, and she/he must be the controller, organizer, participant, helper and prompter.

Key words: The roles of an English teacher, controller, organizer, participant, helper, prompter, assessor.

I Introduction
The 21st century is full of high-technology and high competition, and the requirements of English talents are different from the past. Nowadays, learning English is more important. The English teacher not only teaches students the knowledge, but also teaches students how to study and how to use their knowledge. As a second language which the students must study, English is not so easy and interesting for every student. Many students feel that studying English is very dull and very difficult. And day by day, they lose their heart in learning English. But now, English is very very important for the young people. If they want to go to universities, they must pass the English exam. If they want to go abroad, they also must pass all kinds of English exams. And if the teacher only teaches the students and answers their questions, the students could not study English better. So, the English teacher should change their roles in the middle school classroom so that the students could study English easily and well.

2 The Roles of the English Teacher
1. Controller
As a controller, the English teacher controls the class fully. The teacher tells the students what they must do, when they do it; what they must study, when they should study. He/she also controls the students as to when they should speak English and what kinds of English they should speak. In many middle school classrooms, especially in the country middle school classrooms, the English teacher first tells the students what they will learn in that class, then teaches the content in the English book and asks the student to read, or do exercise and so on. We also hear the teacher say: “now, do the exercise by yourselves, and if you have questions, you may ask me.” In this way, the students may pay their attentions to what the teacher say, and all the students study the same knowledge in the same way and at the same time. It is also very effective in learning new lessons and new sentences. But the teacher should make sure that all students pay their attentions to what he’s said. However, the role of an English teacher as the “controller” controls all the class, and the students have less time to speak English and it is not good for developing the students’ abilities of using the language. So, the teachers should give their students much...
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