Role of Community Participation to Prevent Injury in Under 5 Children in Rura

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Role of community participation to reduce injury among under 5 children living in rural areas

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Rationale of the problem

Public health importance

Ways of prevention



Role of community participation to reduce injury among under 5 children living in rural areas


Injuries are the leading causes of morbidity and mortality of children in Bangladesh. Accidents and injuries are now a major concern for child survival.An estimated 2,600 children are injured every day. Each day, more than 80 of these children die from their injuries. (Prevention of Child Injury.docx | UNICEF). So preventing child injuries should be a critical development goal for any country.

Rationale of the problem

The injury is one of the major child survival issues. However, prior to the release of the BHIS report in 2005 there was no comprehensive evidence regarding child injury in Bangladesh. As a result this particular child health issue was not a priority issue. In the developed world there is abundant evidence that injuries are preventable. But, there was no evidence that the prevention measures of the developed countries could be effective in low income countries including Bangladesh. As there are marked socio-cultural, economic and environmental differences it is obvious that the interventions of the developed world may not be effective in a low income country setting. Therefore, with the demonstration of injury as a leading killer of children in Bangladesh, there was a need to develop and test child injury interventions that were appropriate for the socio-cultural and economic environment of Bangladesh.

Public health importance

The World Report on Child Injury Prevention‘, published by WHO and UNICEF in December 2008 identifies injury as a major public health problem, responsible for about 950,000 deaths in children under the age of 18 years which is about 40 percent of all child deaths. More than 95 percent of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. The report also focuses on the facts that injuries directly affect child survival, children are more susceptible to injuries, child injuries can be prevented and the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable.

Recent evidence from the Demographic Surveillance System of the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B) shows a growing proportion of child deaths due to injuries. In 1983, nine percent of all deaths were due to injury; by 2000 this had risen to 53 percent. This shift indicates a sharp reduction in child mortality from infectious diseases, with accidents and injuries now the major concern for child health in Bangladesh. Each year about 25,000 children die of injuries; half of these children are under five years of age(Rahman et al.,2000). However, most of the child health programmes in Bangladesh are focused on prevention of infectious and nutritional causes of child death. Injuries and chronic diseases have yet to be addressed.

Key Statistics:

More than half of all injury deaths are caused by drowning. While infections and non-communicable diseases are the leading killers of infants, drowning is the biggest killer of children aged 1 to 4, accounting for 26 per cent of all deaths among that age group nationally. Other significant causes of injury death in Bangladesh are road traffic accidents burns, poisoning and violence.

Injuries have been identified as the leading cause of death during disasters, such as floods and cyclones. Drowning caused 77 per cent of deaths in the 2007 floods. Snake bite, from animals who sought refuge inside houses above the rising water, caused 10 per cent of deaths during the flood emergency...
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