Role of Civil Society Participation

Topics: Civil society, Karnataka, Dakshina Kannada Pages: 9 (3142 words) Published: April 24, 2013
[Abstract to be presented in the national level conference to be organized by Sahyadri college of mgt and science Mangalore on jan 2nd and 3rd 2012 by Ms. Florin Shelomith Soans, Lecturer in Kanachur Institute of mgt and science Derlakatte mangalore 574160] ROLE OF NGO’S IN DEVELOPMENT OF COASTAL KARNATAKA :A HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY REVIEW. Introduction

Development experiences tells that when market fails state intervention is the solution, and when both capitalism and socialism fails civil society emerge out in different forms and intervene. Civil society participation has been seen in the form of various institutions including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), voluntary associations, and Non-profit sector, not for profit sector, charitable organizations, benevolent societies and third sector. However, formations of these institutions for an important cause of social and economic out come and their role and performance all become crucial. Therefore, analysing such interventions, their historical roots, and present scenario would help us to develop insights for better understanding. South Canara district, (now both Dakshina Kannada (D.K) and Udupi districts together) in Coastal Karnataka had rich experience in the civil society movement in the last two centuries. Aim of the paper

With this Background, this paper attempts to evaluate the historical perspective of civil society and present scenario of NGO in coastal Karnataka mainly with reference to D.K and Udupi districts. The specific objectives of this paper are 1.To review the history of NGO role in development of coastal Karnataka. 2.To analyse the intervention of Ngo’s in the contemporary development challenges. 3.To forcast the future prospective of NGOs in development challenges. Method

To arrive at the objectives, secondary sources of information are used and the study is descriptive in nature. A critical analysis of the civil society organizations (NGO)in the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts is attempted highlighting their nature, structure, types, roles and performances.

Results and discussions
Civil Society movement in Dakshina Kannada district as majortown in south canara had and having rich historical base, with the influence of foreign rule in the 19th and 20th century. Basel missionary groups, Catholic intervention, social reform moments and later freedom fight movements reshaped civil society movements at different stages.,Dated many personalities contributed and played significant role in shaping the civil society organizations and the main field of civil society contributions were seen in social transformation in the beginning, through education, social reforms and the present day voluntary organization’s activities concentrate on economic wellbeing of the backward classes and mainly in rural development. After independence, NGOs working for rural development, agricultural development, education and health has been supported by religious centers, banks, trusts, in collaboration with government. Recently, voluntary sector’s role in microfinance is remarkably contributing to the women empowerment. Historical analysis of the civil society moment in the coastal Karnataka can be viewed in terms of before and after independence. As there is a remarkable difference in their structure, functioning, objectives and programmes before and after independence, makes analysis more meaningful. Pre-independent

Pre-independent voluntary movements are associated with social reform movements, freedom movement, and foreign missionary. Pre-independent voluntary movements are associated with foreign missionaries’, social reform movements, and freedom movement. Civil society participation was seen in its own indigenous style in the region helping people when needed on a voluntary basis. These voluntary interventions reformed by the foreigners influence and as a result it took a new phase in the region.

Missionary Groups
The Basel Mission...
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