Role of Business Economic Development

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Chapter – 1

1.1 Background03
1.2 Financial economic sector04
1.3 Microfinance04
1.4 Economy of Bangladesh05
1.5 Objectives of the term paper06

Chapter- 2
Conceptual issues

2.1 The Garment Industry of Bangladesh 06
2.2 Agriculture07
2.3 Textile Sector08
2.4 Manufacturing and Industry09
2.5 Banking and Finance10
2.6 Statistical Position of Economy in Bangladesh 10

3.1 Economic Transformation11
3.2 Economic performance12

Chapter 4
Finding of The Study

4.1 Garments & Textiles 12
4.2 Spinning 16
4.3 Frozen Foods 18
4.4 Leather 19
4.5 Electronics 20
4.6 Agriculture 21
4.7 Information Technology 24
4.8 Pharmaceuticals 25


5.1 Summary of Major Findings 27
5.2 Economic Performance 28
5.3 Policy Recommendation 28

Chapter – 1


There is no denying the fact that the economical business sector plays a significant role in the economic development of a country. The importance of an efficient economic sector lies in the fact that, it ensures domestic resources mobilization, generation of savings, and investments in productive sectors. In fact, it is the system by which a country’s most profitable and efficient projects are systematically and continuously directed to the most productive sources of future growth. The financial system not only transfers funds from savers to investors: it must be able to select projects which will yield the highest returns, accumulate sufficient quantities of capital to fund the range of investment projects across economic activities, account for price risks across assets, monitor performance, and enforce contracts. The larger the business sector in the context of the overall economy, the greater the share of lending by depository rather than central banks, and the greater the share of credit to private sector rather than public sector, the greater is the rate of economic growth. The country's economy is based on agriculture. Rice, jute, tea, sugarcane, tobacco, and wheat are the major crops. Bangladesh is the world's largest producer of jute. Fishing is also an important economic activity, and beef, dairy products, and poultry are also produced.


Bangladesh, since its independence in 1971, had to experience several military rules besides democratically elected government associated with major political assassinations. Regardless of all the aroused disputes, the country constantly pushed to achieve economic, social and developmental success through introduction and implementation of different policies during the ruling period of different elected governments as well as at the time when the country was declared to be under the emergency rule. Bangladesh, named in the list of the developing nations, is blessed with several natural advantages over developed countries.

Examples of such are huge reserves of oil, natural gas, coal, timber and the only natural port of the world that connects SAARC and ASEAN business hub together. The utilization of such natural assets are closed to zero. Foreign donors are granting financial aids for reformation and infrastructure development of the country. Loans are being taken on heavy interest, by GOB, from World Bank and Asian Development Bank for developmental purposes.

1.2-Financial economic sector

The financial sector consists of the central bank, Bangladesh Bank, 4 state owned commercial banks, 5 government-owned specialized (development) banks, 30 domestic...
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