Role of Bi in Universities

Topics: Business intelligence, Competitive intelligence, Data analysis Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Business intelligence sounds like a fancy term with a lot of competitive advantage potentially rolled into it. What sort of business intelligence do you think Webster needs? Specifically, what business intelligence would it need to predict enrollments in the coming years? What business intelligence would it need to determine what curriculums to offer? Do you think Webster gathers and uses this kind of business intelligence? Why or why not?


Without Business Intelligence in place, departments within Webster would have relevant data, but not related information. Without BI data won't always be so organized, clean, and readily accessible. BI systems are most noted for their speed and convenience, tools that display metrics with spotlight indicators, or dashboards. These dashboards provide quick peeks on trends in real time-and do so in a format the average user can read.Business intelligence systems combine operational data with analytical tools to present complex and competitive information to planners and decision makers.

BI system use historical data to create predective analytics models that forecast the probability of enrollments in coming years.Being able to forecast the number of entering students each year enables Webster to better plan and strategize improved benefits and services for all members of the university community.

Academic advisors may also use predictive models to better counsel prospective students during their college search.

Because universities are often judged by the percentage of students getting jobs right after graduation, they must offer programs and courses that teach students skills that are in high demand.

With historical data, alumuni contact , Webster can develop a predictive models to understand job market demand and growing secotrs. Only data gathered by Webster won't be helpful to predict the...
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