Role of Ak-47 in the International Politics

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  • Topic: Assault rifle, AK-47, World War II
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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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International politics is defined as the branch of political science that deals with the interaction between the states and other political and economic units in the international system. Particular areas of study within the field of international politics include diplomacy and diplomatic history, international law, international organizations, international finance and economics, and communications, among others. The addition, reduction or transformation of any of these fields results in the difference on the stage of international politics. These changes can obviously be made by an item. An item that made the difference on the stage of international politics is AK-47. The name AK-47 is the abbreviation of Avtomat Kalashnikov. The designation “47” refers to 1947, the year in which the assault rifle was designed for the Soviet army by the revered Mikhail Kalashnikov. Kalashnikov assault rifles are the most widespread military weapons in the world. It is estimated that there are between 50 and 70 million of them spread across the world’s five continents. They are used daily by soldiers, fighters, and gang members to inflict untold suffering in many countries. The spread of these weapons continues largely unchecked by governments, threatening the lives and safety of millions as weapons fall into irresponsible hands. AK-47 is a widely spread rifle which are used almost by all the countries because of its availability and reliability. It is particularly easy to use, maintain and fire even in the dusty environments, which can cause other weapons to jam frequently. AK- 47 has the significant role in the World War II, Cold War and the wars that exist today. This rifle has its own role in wars from Vietnam to Iraq and from Central America to Central Africa. This rifle changed the face of the war in the past resulting in the change in diplomatic relation between different states. More than ever, the Kalashnikov rifle is the weapon of choice for many armies, militias,...
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