Role of Agriculture on the Economy

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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The Role of Agriculture on the Economy Alexis Fridenberg
I remember it like it was just yesterday. I was sitting on my grandparents’ front porch on hot summer day, looking out in to their field where grandpa had been working since he woke up. I remember asking myself, why does he waste his time out there in their field and why he wastes his time growing food when we could just go to the store and buy all the foods they grow. Then one day I asked my grandpa why he goes out there and works all day and he answered me and said because he can sell his crops for money so other families can eat too. I never really understood why he wanted to sell his crops to other people until he explained it to me. He told me that not only does he sell his crops so other families can eat but, also because it helps our economy. I didn’t know what an economy was at that time either so I decided to ask him and of course he explained to me what an economy was. Then I realized why he spends all day out in the fields and in the heat. Agriculture is all around us and everywhere we go. Agriculture is a major part in our lives. Without agriculture there wouldn’t be any crop production or livestock management. Without crop production and livestock management we wouldn’t have meat, fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. Agriculture also plays an important role in our economy. Economics is the study of how we allocate a finite supply of resources. Agricultural economics, or agronomics, is the study of the distribution of resources and production of commodities in farming. Agricultural economics includes a number of specialty areas including agribusiness, agricultural policy, farm and ranch management, rural development, international development, natural resources and environmental economics, and agricultural marketing. It seeks to optimize the choices made by agricultural producers using economic principles, based on the recognition that land and resources are limited. Agriculture is a vital element...
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