Role of Agriculture in Development

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Role of Agriculture in the Development of Pakistan
Zawar Hussain
Agriculture is known as the base for the economy of Pakistan in the world view, because since the creation of Pakistan, the field of agriculture was of great focus for economic growth and one of the reason for making agriculture as base of our economy was fertile and rich land of Pakistan. But with the passage of time, to cope with the rest world , Pakistani economists had to think to increase their economic growth and they found a way of industrialization with which they could easily enhance the economic growth, but it does not mean the increasing value of industry has entirely ended the importance of agriculture. In spite of the increasing trend in industry, Pakistan is still considered as an agricultural country and even today it has great share in the economy of our country like industry. In the coming lines I would endeavor my best to clear the importance of agriculture in Pakistan. GDP of a country determines the development of a country. The GDP per capita has been increased since the development in agricultural economy. At the time of partition, agriculture was the greatest contributor towards the economic development of Pakistan, but with the development of other economic sectors e.g. trade, business and industry, it changed its place and has now become the 3rd largest contributor in the national economy. According to World Bank in the year 2007, 20 % of the GDP of Pakistan came from the agriculture sector of economy. Live stock and fisheries are also included in agriculture sector because the food of live stock and fisheries is totally depended upon agriculture. Live stock accounts 40 % of the agricultural sector and 9 % of the total GDP. Pakistan ranks 20th worldwide in form output and 5th largest milk producer of the world. This indicates that agriculture is of too much importance for economic development of Pakistan. More than half of the population of Pakistan lives in rural areas...
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