Role of Advertising in Newspapers

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The Role of Advertising in Newspapers
Revenues from sales of advertising pay for the bulk of the costs of newspaper production. That’s why the reading public pays so little for its newspaper. What is advertising?
An advertisement is a message designed to sell the advertiser’s goods or services to prospective buyers. Types of newspaper advertising
There are two types of newspaper advertising – display and classified. A display advertisement is a written message, often accompanied by an illustration or photograph, which can be placed in any section of the newspaper. A classified ad refers to those advertisements that are separated into specific classifications and located in one or more sections of the newspaper. Display advertisements

There are two types of display ads found in the newspaper – national and local. National advertising usually refers to products that are promoted on a nation-wide basis, such as automobiles and brand-name products or retail chains. Local advertising is used to promote local, regional or national products. The ad is written, however, to appear in the local market.When placing a display ad, the advertiser is charged by the amount of space the ad occupies in the newspaper. The price of the space varies with certain factors: •Newspaper circulation (the larger the circulation the higher the price charged) •Size of ad

Use of colour
Guaranteed position in newspaper
Day the advertisement runs
Advertising frequency
To attract a reader’s attention and to sell a product, many techniques are used in the creation of a display ad. As a result, these ads are usually professionally prepared in creative services departments of the newspaper, the advertiser or a contracted advertising agency.The physical appearance of an advertisement often determines its attractiveness to the reader. Some aspects considered in ad preparation are: •Size of the ad

Use of colour
Amount of white space, i.e., not too crowded
Graphics chosen
Type style and size of text
The information included in an ad can definitely influence its effectiveness in selling a product. Some display ads are purely factual and appeal to reason. Information in these ads usually relates to: •Quality of the product

Price or value of the product
General description of the product
Guarantee of the product
Other display ads appeal to the emotions of the consumer and may emphasise: •Brand loyalty – the advertiser wants you to identify with and continue buying established brands. •Conformity – the "everybody is buying this particular brand or item" approach. •Hero worship – endorsement of a product by a personality in entertainment or sports. •Status – an appeal to the buyer’s ego.

Humour – entertaining, but deceptive; says little about the product. •Personal attractiveness – a wishful-thinking ad appealing to a particular feminine/masculine image. •Style changes – the buyer is asked to keep up with the times. •Vanity – this kind of ad appeals to the buyer’s self image or ego-gratification where the buyer’s happiness comes first. •Economy – everyone likes to think he or she can economise while spending. •Luxury – symbols of wealth and excess.

Convenience – work and time-saving devices.
Lifestyle – the advertisement associates a certain lifestyle with a product. •Security – this covers many kinds of security: emotional, personal, financial, etc. •Sex – the ad uses the lure of sex appeal. It is similar to the appeals of feminine and masculine attractiveness. Keep in mind that more than one appeal may be found in the same ad. Classified ads

Classified ads are not written by creative service departments, but by individuals wishing to advertise goods and services available or needed. When placing a classified ad, advertisers are usually charged by the line. As a result, classified ads are brief. The price varies with the number of insertions desired and the particular days chosen. For example, the unit...
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