Role Model Essay

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Role Model Essay
Terrence Artis
My father is the main person that has impacted my life. He has taught me everything that I know whether it’s me listening to him or me paying attention to what he does. My favorite memory of my father was when I was six years old and we were walking our dog, Bailey, in our neighborhood. He allowed me to walk Bailey but told me to hold on tightly to leash so he won’t run away. Everything was going great until Bailey spotted another dog from far away down the road. Bailey ran for the dog but I couldn’t resist him from pulling me with him. He drug me down the sidewalk as he chased for the other dog and all I wanted was for my dad to get me out of this situation. There he was, running to get me. He picked me up as I cried and took me home. I’ve changed over the past years as I became older because of the lessons my father has stored inside me. I guess you can consider me as my father’s protégé. He has brought me up from a young boy to a young man. When I deal situations that are challenging in my life, my dad knows exactly knows how to help. His knowledge has improved my work ethic, strength, attitude, and people skills. My dad teaches me how to stand up for myself when I am alone. He always stresses time management and money management. He is like my brother. My dad tells me right from wrong and left from right. My life has changed because there are times when I didn’t listen to him and I had to remember what he told me would happen if I didn’t listen so I had to face the consequences. I know for sure that everything that he has taught me will definitely help me when I leave for college and get into the real world on my own without any guidance. He has set me up for success alongside with my mother and their changes alone will help me handle whatever life throws at me. He has made me a better college applicant because I know what to look for in colleges and what colleges are looking for in me as a person.
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