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Pamela Castaneda
CWV 101 – Christian Worldview
Dr. Scott Hovater

My Sons Role Model - Clay Matthews III
In thinking about writing a paper on a good role model, I asked my 12 year old son who he saw as a role model. He told me “Clay Matthews III, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.” (Jovanni, 2012) So, I have chosen to write about this man. To see if holds and teaches the values that I also believe in. Is he a good and upstanding person that young people can look up too? I will compare his worldview to mine and consider whether he is indeed a good role model for my son and others.

In my research, I could not find the actual religion of Clay Matthews, but it seems that from the way he lives his life his worldview is a Christian Worldview. Clay comes from a family of football players and has had to work hard to become what he is today. He was not just given his positions, he has always had to work for them. Even when his coach was his Dad. (Reilly, 2011) This kind of upbringing is what helps build good character.

Clay Matthews not only is an outstanding NFL player, but he is involved in the NFL’s “Play 60” program and he started a fundraiser called Cureduchenne. (Darbee, 2011) Clay has always been an upstanding person. He is always there for his teammates and for others who need him. Clay has also done work with the Aides Walk. With these kinds of good deeds on his resume, it is easy to see how he would make a good role model.

As a parent these are the attributes that I look at for someone who my son looks up to as a role model. For my son, it is the fact that Clay Matthews has been voted to the Pro-Bowl twice, has had 23.5 sacks and “had his linebacker coach Kevin Greene – who knows a thing or two about the position – state that Matthew’s could one day become the greatest 3-4 ever.” (Weber, 2011) These are the things that my son hopes to achieve when he too is an NFL player someday.

In comparing my beliefs to that of Clay...
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