Role Management in Workplace

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Role Management in the Workplace
Role Management to me seems to be all about delegation. It helps you to decide who does what and who handles what. Management in psychology probably would be the same way designate responsibilities and also delegate so that each person could know what it is that they are going to do. I would say put people where they excel if you know someone has a strong suit then that is where they will best excel and get the job done. If a person is a great school counselor then they should be counseling at a school, if they work well in a clinical setting then that is the setting they should be in. Ayame may not be good in the confrontational aspect, and that is probably for not for her. Sometimes people are soft-spoken and don’t deal well with confrontation so in turn how can you really be motivated to do something that really doesn’t make you happy. I think it is really hard to receive feedback if people really can’t understand where you are coming from and maybe her culture isn’t really a confrontational culture and she is more reserved and laid back. Then again that may not really be the role for Ayame in delegating it is a manager’s responsibility to see what skills their employees have and what they are good at. Since Ayame is a project manager that means that she is in charge of managing other people and if she isn’t motivated to do her job how can she really motivate a team of people to get their jobs done as well. Everyone has their role in a workplace and if they can’t handle it then maybe that really isn’t the role for them. Cultural Background

Some countries are more reserved and not quite so confrontational and maybe that is what Ayame’s problem is. Americans are aggressive and Japanese tend to be a little more laid back and hard working. Herzberg believes that with job satisfaction is what motivated people especially Japan. The way she is receiving feedback may be a way that she isn’t used to because she is not handling the...
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