Role and Responsbilities of a Teacher

Topics: Education, Teacher, Emotion Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: June 29, 2012
Identify the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher The roles and responsibilities of a teacher evolve with time and circumstance. It is impossible to give a rigid definition of either as they change constantly, though there are some roles and responsibilities that are common to all teachers throughout the education system. It is hard to know where the roles and responsibilities of a teacher should stop and I feel is each teachers responsibility to know the boundaries. There exists a misconception that the only skill required to be a teacher is the ability to teach, but it goes far beyond this. A teacher must be multi faceted (WALKLIN 1990) adapting to ever changing circumstance. Qualities and characteristics desirable in a teacher run hand in hand with basic responsibilities and it is difficult to separate them. Some of the roles of a teacher will be that of: - SCHOLAR...Scholarliness, showing the knowledge and love of accuracy of a truly learned person (Chambres Dictionary) A sound knowledge of subject matter is required, but also the ability to relate specifics to generalities, facts to theories and theories to facts. To be capable of creative thinking and reasoning and integrate new knowledge. COMMUNICATOR/COUNCILLOR/GUIDE Able to pass on knowledge to another and convey it with clarity of speech. Question students thoroughly enough to know just how they see or are confused by an issue. To listen and empathise with students, respecting their views, feeling for them as an individual and getting to know their needs. The role of communicator is far reaching and encompasses all the qualities required to communicate effectively, patience, sense of humour, diplomacy and a respect for cultural diversity. A teacher must act as a councillor and guide, and in order to do this must be non judgmental and objective, not letting their values affect how they treat students. They must offer help and support where they can, identifying the needs of the individual....
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