Role and Controversial Issue of Animated News

Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: April 8, 2013
A new form of news served online called “Animated news” which combined video, audio and animation has emerged in recent years as the result of technological advancement. However, it gives rise to debate of media’s reporting manner. This paper is going to discuss the role and social responsibility issue of animated news base on research on Apple Action News (蘋果動新聞) which is the first and the only animated news channel in Hong Kong produced by Next Media.

There are three roles of animated news: A disseminating channel that follows the changing habit of readers, a source of revenue and a tool to fill up defects of traditional news format.
Due to the busy lifestyle of Hong Kong People, people tend to read news online as they can access news on demand on the Internet. Apart from personal computers which nearly cover all Hong Kong citizens, refer to Communications Authority(通訊事務管理局), the number of 2.5G and 3G mobile subscribers until December 2011 is 8,126,730, this shows that smart phones are becoming universal. People’s reading habit is changing from reading newspapers and watching news report to access news online. To cope with the change in marketplace, news goes online and becomes animated because of the fierce competition among the industry. A successful and appealing news channel should not only keep pace with the need of society, but also satisfy wants of readers. Now, readers are seeking for time-saving means, and at the same time visual and acoustical appeal, the use of video, audio and animation makes news easier to be absorbed and satisfy their curiosity. According to the Mobile Applications Survey jointly conducted by Hotmob and Nielsen in June 2011, the usage of news mobile applications is increasing constantly. The access rate of the Apple Daily Action News website is 2,022,000 on 28 April 2012. The figures show the large potential of online news and advertising opportunities. Producing online news in fact not costly, it uses news source which is...
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