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Cost of Hiring a Customer Service Advisor

For any company, a solid recruitment and induction process is vital to ensure that the organisation is taking on the right people and ensuring they are as effective as possible when they join their teams in the live environment.

At Menzies Distribution Customer Services we have in place a rigorous recruitment and selection process and this is followed by a comprehensive inductions programme ensuring new employees have the best possible start in the business.

After sifting successful applications, candidates are invited to attend an assessment centre which lasts for 3 hours. In this time, they are given a welcome and the assessment process is explained to them. The process is as follows:

Welcome and photographs
Role Plays
Competency based interview
Practical math, spelling and IT test
Group exercise
Advisor shadowing and tour of the business
Wash up

Throughout the process, candidates are free to ask questions about the job. The assessment is as much for the candidate to decide if the job is for them as much as it is for us to decide if they are a good fit into the business.

Successful candidates are then required to successfully complete our induction programme. This incorporates soft skills training, systems training and business awareness including company values.

All new advisors are required to pass weekly tests, this ensures that they are progressing at the required pace and gives the trainer an opportunity to recap where necessary. They are also required to fill out their New Joiner Pathway which charts their progress in training and continues throughout their probation period. This is a way for them to own their training and take responsibility for their development in their first few months in the company. Throughout this time, they are supported by trainers and Team Managers.

At the end of induction they have a final accreditation which consists of both written and practical assessments which must be passed.

After successful completion of the accreditation, new advisors are placed in Grad Bay for 2 weeks which is a protected environment where they take live calls supported by a member of staff. During this time, they are able to discuss difficult calls perfect the skills they have learned during induction without the pressure of rigid targets.

After Grad Bay, new advisors are placed in their teams and continue through their probation until the end of month 3 when they will either pass or fail. This is based on a number of factors which are:


Pre August 2010 Induction Figures

Advisor hourly rate£6.23
Team Manager hourly rate£8.39
Trainer hourly rate£8.50
An induction course has 5 advisors therefore allocate 1/5 of the cost in the calculation An advisors level of productivity is based on
End of month 2 - 50% productive
End of month 3 - 75% productive
End of month 4 - 100% productive

Time (Hours)Cost (Financial)Total Cost
TrainerTeam ManagerAdvisorTrainerTeam ManagerAdvisor 1Place Ad/Working Links1 £8.50 £8.50

2Sift CVs (ave) & arrange interviews3 £25.50 £25.50 3Assessment Centre & post review81812£68.00£151.02£74.76£293.78
4Induction - 15 days (Weeks 1, 2 and 3900450£765.00£0.00£2,803.50£3,568.50
5Grad Bay (10 days) (Weeks 4 and 5) 300 £1,869.00£1,869.00 6Loss of prductivity 50% (weeks 6 and 7) 300 £1,869.00£1,869.00 7Loss of productivity 50% (month 2) 600 £1,869.00£1,869.00 8Loss of productivity 25% (month 3) 600 £934.50£934.50 9Loss of productivity 10% (month 4) 600 £373.80£373.80

£9877.05 to recruit 5 advisors or £1975.42 per advisor.

Post August 2010 Induction Figures:

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