Rohan Guardian Guide

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Many of you have seen my old shield build, few of you have seen the full dps build I finished with (in a world of epics and upgrades, without one you might as well go full on glass cannon). Now I'm going to actually play Rohan again, somewhere there are no epics at the moment, I thought I'd tweak my old shield build and give a little bit of "theorycraft" into what I would go for at 110 (based on the official Hero expansion).

The Skills

This doesn't differ very much from my previous shield build. The main change is the removal of protection and the addition of psychic crash and crash above. Protection really is an utterly useless buff, the end. It only increases your pdef based on what the +0 value of your armour is and the added amount is inflated. So 1xx inflated pdef, yeah that's so worth it /sarcasm. Crash above is a funny skill, great when it works but frustrating when it doesn't. Most of my "guardianing" was done using level 6 selfs so (despite the heavy ses requirements), it's relatively cheap with only crash above needing to be 7'ed for the large boost in stun % chance.

Taking protection out only frees up 5 points but for psychic crash 1 and crash above 5, we need 6 of course. I took that point from war cry or blue drain. For the purposes of level 99 (level 110 I'll talk about later), I left 2 points free for "you" to decide where they should go. Blue drain gets a nice boost at 6 but war cry has a 60 second duration at 6. Both have their uses, my own personal preference is blue drain as I find war cry can cause more harm than benefit and more often than not you can find yourself equally countered in some way.

Roha's blessing and stone skin are also controversial skills with regards to their levels. Some like to go all the way to 7 for the extended stun protection and lower cooldown, myself I prefer no more than 30 seconds. This is because guardians are very easily countered, it only takes a single dhan's pouch to render either roha's or ss completely useless. Even an unlucky debuff can take them out so if you rely on those too much, you're going to be left defenseless.

I find war cry a very funny skill. In a crowd, shooting it off can have mixed results. Not all of those in the crowd will be melee based and if there's a warlock or templar nearby, you can find it bouncing it straight back onto you. Dhans can pouch and silence you during this time, templars can debuff/reflect for added protection, priests can even vacuum you. War cry just isn't something I want to rely on, even in a 1v1 situation.

Heavy weapon I'm more fond of. Because its aim is more controlled, you don't have the problems that you do with war cry. A successful combination of war cry and heavy weapon can completely nullify a melee opponent for 60 seconds but I prefer to rely on something more static, my own defense. Heavy weapon is more than enough, war cry is excessive and can backfire.

Most of everything else is self-explanatory really. The nukes are enough at level 1 (apart from knight symbol at 6), a combo enhanced bleed is lethal if your opponent doesn't see it or has no detox, shield push actually does decent enough damage to use offensively in a combo (when the opponent is stunned so you don't push them away) and has valuable defensive use, charge doesn't need to be levelled to 6 as you only get 0.5 seconds more stun time so level 5 is enough to stack with rush and bless shield is an essential defensive skill because block rate > all.

The Stats
Full strength, the end.

Why not hybrid? Well I covered this in my previous build, if you sacrifice any strength then your base damage when carrying a shield will be too low and not even your higher crits will mitigate this. Strength also adds some inflated pdef too which when stacked with a shield will help immensely. Remember, the more of something you have, the higher the percentage increase will be so sacrificing strength for dexterity will not give you a massive increase...
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