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AIDTOED: ISC English Literature 2013 - A Village Cricket Match

Village people suffer from the unusual behavior of God who seems to have done great injustice by putting up a large financial and social difference between the rich and the poor. When these village people have endured such eccentricities of God, they will have no difficulty in bearing with the match that is going to be played by the people (Man) of eccentric characters. Actually, saying this, Macdonell brings out a faint hint of humor in advance. Before the match began, two players of the English team were found absent; so, two Scottish players from the village team were asked to field for both the team and bat for neither of these two teams. This arrangement, however, irritated these two players and they withdrew themselves from the match. Two missing English players arrived at the spot in a car and they brought with them another person who claimed that Hodge, the captain of the English team had asked him to play and that was why he had come and he was determined to play the match. On the other hand, two Scottish players who had left the team were brought back into the team after negotiations. Finally, it was decided that two sides would play with twelve players, instead of usual eleven players. However, the English team won the toss and decided to bat.

Batting performance by the English players:

Opening batsmen: James Livingston, a club cricketer and Boone, a huge man dressed in Cambridge Blue. Boone got this “Cambridge Blue” honor for rowing, but Donald, the narrator took him to be great player and thought that his inclusion in the cricket team for playing a village match was not at all necessary.

James faced four balls from a bowler who, by profession, was a blacksmith. The first ball went past like a bullet resulting in four byes. The second ball was a full-length and it went over James hitting directly the stomach of the wicket-keeper who was replaced by a substitute wicket-keeper....
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