Rogers Understandng of Person

Topics: Abraham Maslow, Self-actualization, Life Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: March 4, 2013
What are the criticism of Rogers understanding of the person?

Carl Rogers (1902-1987) is truly a central figure in the humanistic school of psychology. To criticise Rogers’ theory of Person, I will look at the strengths and constraints of Rogers and his understanding of the person. I will explain the theory and how he viewed the characteristics of SELF. Firstly, I will introduce Rogers' philosophical principals, key concepts and briefly the core-conditions of the therapeutic relationship. I will be critical of Rogers' theory of person illustrating this through the contemporary viewpoint and from my own personal experiences.

Rogers (1951), believes that self emerges from one's own experiences, and it is a fluid and not fixed state. It is a process which is evolving through time, meaning that one can’t be something all the time; human beings have the tendency to learn from the organismic experiences which bring changes in them. So it is on-going process where one expresses and reflects on one’s own experiences. This leads to an awareness of various changes within one’s self.    The Person-centred theory as postulated by Rogers accentuates the concept of self-actualisation.” One’s ability to grow and learn is acquired through each person’s general motivation. When we encounter problems, we try to overcome them and growth occurs. Changes in our life can enable us to increase our skill and have a different perspective on life in general. This continuous process of creative progress brings about changes which are usually only minor modifications to our outlook on life. Rogers compared us to potatoes and believed that every individual attains its potential within the restrains of their environmental and social experiences. His analogy in this context is an interesting one because even in unfavourable conditions potatoes endeavour to overcome prevailing adversity and continue towards maturity. Similarly human beings overcome the difficulty and problems of life...
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