Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

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Puritans were passionate reformers seeking to bring the Church of England to a state of purity in comparison with Christianity at the time of Christ and decided to form their own religious colonies in America. They considered religion to be a complex and highly intellectual affair. Thus, leaders were highly trained scholars with authoritarian positions that developed a “built-in hierarchism” (, 3). Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson believed and preached “Individualisme” Puritan ideas further than they were meant to go in the context of the colony’s hierarchal society (, 5). In consequence, the religious leaders of the community decided to banish them. Anne Hutchinson had many religious beliefs that where in conflict with the Massachusetts Bay Colony church leaders. Hutchinson was considered “an outbreak of dangerous individualism” with her Quaker idea of “inner light” which allowed everyone direct access to God (, 5). This was in direct conflict with the Puritan belief that “the Bible was the Lord’s revealed word, and only through it does He directly communicate to human beings”, 5). At the church of Boston, she was thought to have brought two errors with her. “1. That the person of the Holy Ghost dwells in a justified person. 2. That no sanctification can help to evidence to us our justification. From these two grew many branches; as, 1, Our union with the Holy Ghost, so as a Christian remains dead to every spiritual action, and hath no gifts nor graces, other than such as are in hypocrites, nor any other sanctification but the Holy Ghost Himself” (NAAL, 160). Hutchinson held two public lectures every week in her house where sixty to eighty...
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