Roe V. Wade Research Paper

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Roe V. Wade
American Literature & Writing

Approximately 42 million woman including teen girls are committing abortion every year. Approximately 115,000 woman including teen girls are committing abortion in a day. Now that I have you thinking about abortion what do you expect it to be in the United State’s? Well per year in the United States per year it is 1.37 million women in the year 1996. Now per day in the United State’s the woman are committing approximately 3,700 abortions now that is a lot. The Roe v. Wade, the U.S Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that prohibited abortion unless the pregnancy endangered the mother’s life. By the early 1970’s, most states outlawed abortion or allowed it on a narrow grounds that typically included danger to the mother’s life, pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or the like hood of birth defects. It was filled on behalf of a pregnant single woman, who challenged a Texas law the permitted abortion only to save the life of the mother. At the time of the court’s decision, 30 states had laws similar to the Texas. The trial was fair for those who are with abortion or better yet who believe in killing there baby before it is born, I personally think abortion is a crime that is being committed if your willing to take the time to make the child then why not take the time to have and cherish it. The verdict was fair, because the woman Norma McCorvey under the pseudonym of “Jane Roe” had admitted that it was not right that the Texas attorney defended the anti – abortion law, she said that she had gotten raped and that is why it resulted in her being pregnant but yet she was forced to give birth, she then declared that it should be the woman’s right to decide what to o with there body in cases where the mother’s life was in danger. Personally I think that this doesn’t give a reason to take another life away even if the mother is in danger, I think that as long as the child growing in your stomach isn’t in danger there shouldn’t be a reason why you would have to kill it. Have you ever wondered what woman’s lives were like before abortion became legal? Before 1973, single woman who got pregnant were fired from their jobs. Younger ones were sent to maternity homes for unwed mothers and their children were put up for adoption. Married woman who got pregnant were forced to carry pregnancies to term regardless of their circumstances, even if they had so many children that even if their fetuses couldn’t live outside the womb because these fetuses had developed without a heart or brain. The Reverend Moody had said “To get an abortion before it was legal, a woman had to meet someone in a parking lot late at night and be taken to some unknown place. She had no idea whose hands she was in – or if she would even survive. To provide safety and support to woman in this horrible situation, we formed a coalition of 26 clergy members to counsel woman considering abortion and refer them to doctors we knew safe. Most clergy at that time would not condone abortion. Before abortion was legal, woman was maimed- people who are wounded, or died trying to obtain back alley abortions – An illegal abortion. And when limitations are placed on access to abortion, woman still face great hardship, and in some cases personal physical harm. Before the “Roe v. Wade” trial woman would try to get an abortion done any way they could, some ways of them getting an abortion done would be either traveling out of the U.S. for a legal abortion or maybe obtaining an abortion from a doctor in a U.S. most likely that would not happen with it being illegal, unless you paid the doctor a lot of money to get it done. Homemade abortions were often very infective and dangerous any way u wants to say it; sometimes it was the only option for many women. The methods of homemade abortions included douching – direct a spray of water into a bodily cavity, for cleaning, with soap or bleach, or injecting lye, this is sodium hydroxide that has...
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