Roe vs. Wade

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Roe Vs. Wade and How Abortion Ha changed

Abortion is a topic that has always been very controversial. Going back in times the law has changed from abortions being legal, to illegal in 1828, to legal again in 1973. However not all people agree with this. Some believe that an abortion is murder while others do not. This is where the question of when life begins comes into play. If you want to look at it from most religious aspects, people will say that life begins at conception, while others say that life does not begin until birth. The law has been one of the many who cannot decide when life begins and if abortion is murder or not.

Today we are going to discuss a monumental, life changing court case that has changed the life of many women and unborn babies. The court case of Roe Vs Wade was a case that was tried in Austin Texas back in the early 1970’s. Before this court case abortion was illegal in almost every state in the United States. When women would become pregnant and wanted an abortion they would have to travel to one of the few states where abortion was legal such as New York or California, or even worse they would cross the border into Mexico and end up in some back alley slum with a butcher that would often leave the woman unable to bear children in the future or even worse with an infection that would lead to death.

Back in the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s abortion was thought to be more dangerous than it was for a woman to carry a fetus until gestation. With the lack of medicine and antibiotics, performing an abortion had a much higher risk then birth. Today with the modern medicine and technology abortion is not what it once was. When abortion was illegal there were many different way in which women that wanted abortions would obtain them. Over time it had become known that there were many different organizations that would help a pregnant woman with information to go about getting an abortion. At one time there was even a group of Methodist Ministers, Protestant Ministers, and Jewish Rabbi’s that were members of “The Clergy Consultation Service” which would help women seeking abortions. This group of clergy men had “a belief in the “sanctity of humane life” certainly includes helpfulness and sympathy to the women forced by the present law into criminality. We are mindful that there are doctors who in their wisdom perform therapeutic abortions outside the present legal restrictions. When a physician performs such an operation, motivated by compassion and concern for the patient and not simply for monetary gain, we do not regard him as a criminal but living by the highest standard of the Hippocratic oath…Therefore, to that end we are establishing a Problem Pregnancy Consultation service, including referral to the best available medical service and aid to women in need.” (Weddington, 1992, 31).

Abortion means allot of different things to many different people and even the laws about abortion have many different meanings depending on how it was read. Basically there were three different kinds of abortion laws. The first being restrictive, which did not allow abortion for any reason, next was the liberalized. The liberalized law would allow an abortion in the case of rape, incest, fetal deformity, or to save the life or health of the woman. States such as Maryland, Georgia, and Colorado had this type of abortion law, and although it was called liberal it really was not because in order to get an abortion the woman had to fall into one of the above categories and they also had to get written permission from a hospital committee. Then there was the third kind of law which allowed abortion as a legal alternative to carrying out the pregnancy as long as it was done before fetal movement could be felt. During mid 1970 thru 1972 350,000 women traveled to another state or out of the country to obtain a legal abortion. In 1970 it was written in the Nixon report that illegal abortion was...
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