Roe vs. Wade

Topics: Roe v. Wade, Abortion, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Roe vs. Wade
Norma McCorvey became pregnant in the summer of 1969. At 21 years of age, the single woman did not want to continue her pregnancy. Since Texas law prohibited abortion except to save the mother’s life, McCorvey began to look for someone willing to perform one illegally. She didn’t find anyone willing to commit such an act, but she did however, find two attorneys interested in changing the abortion laws. McCorvey agreed to become the alias “Jane Roe” in a test case.

There were difficulties within their fight. The first was Texas has passed the abortion law in 1859 by targeting the doctors who perform abortions, not targeting women wanting abortions (Roe v. Wade: 1973). This meant that McCorvey might not have standing to sue. The second issue was that if McCorvey were to give birth or pass the point in her pregnancy where an abortion could be safely performed, the case would become irrelevant. Nonetheless, the pregnant woman and the two attorneys filed suit and would argue the right to privacy to include a woman’s right to choose whether to bear a child.

Many arguments too place as to when an embryo becomes a human being. Many religious groups joined in the controversy. There was also an argument of whether the right to privacy fell under the fourteenth amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions or in the ninth amendment’s reservation of rights to the people (Roe v. Wade: 1973). Roe and the two attorneys won the case. The state law was changed to state the following: During the first trimester, the attending physician makes the judgment call if the patient is healthy enough to have an abortion. During the second trimester, the state sets regulations for abortion. During the third trimester, an abortion will only take place to protect the health of the mother.

This ruling would give women everywhere the opportunity to decide for themselves if an abortion is necessary. The case took a toll when the case of when the fetus becomes a...
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