Rodriguez Uses of Literacy

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Rodriguez Uses of Literacy
I feel as if Richard Rodriguez is so lost in the Hoggarts’ text he becomes both the reader and writer .He is using literacy so often that it seem like Rodriguez is actually the one writing the "The Achievement of Desire." While reading, Rodriguez discovered Hoggart’s book that defined his own life. It was evident Rodriquez wasn’t the only one struggling with the scholarship boy role. But the great thing about Rodriguez throughout the text he realized how much he engulfed himself into being a scholarship boy; and how much he missed out with his family and life. That through reading Hoggart text he learned about himself and made some decisions to change. Hoggart painted a perfect picture of the scholarship boy that Rodriguez buried himself under. The scholarship boy (Rodriguez) filled himself with so much knowledge; caused him to be blinded with what really matters in life. For instance, in page 549 block quote 2-He has to be more and more alone, if he is going to “get on”. He will have, probably unconsciously, to oppose the ethos of the hearth, the intense gregariousness of the working-class family group…..mother is ironing—father is intermittently singing a snatch of song that comes to his head. The boy cut himself off mentally, so as to do his homework, as well as he can. As you can see in the intro Rodriguez realizes his fault-he admits his education caused him to isolate himself from his parents. Much of what Hoggart describe a scholarship boy to be and do. At some part of the story, you would think it’s initially Rodriguez story. The way Rodriguez analyzes it. As Hoggart would explain a scholarship boy-- "He discovers a technique of apparent learning, of acquiring of facts rather than of the handling and use of facts" (Hoggart pg.243).Rodriguez pg (557-558) merely bookish, I lacked a point of view when I read. Rather, I read in order to acquire a point of view….Hoggart-the scholarship boy in every obvious way...
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