Rodney Skinner: a Thief Yet a Hero

Topics: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Sawyer, Hero Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Based on Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth Rodney Skinner is a Hero from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen because he has the power of invisibility, stowed away and made a sneaky but very significant contribution to the league, and put himself in harm’s way for his fellow ally Agent Tom Sawyer.

Rodney Skinner has the ability of invisibility which is extremely useful especially in cases of using stealth. A proven example of this would be when Rodney sneaks into Allan Quatermain’s room aboard the Nautilus and Rodney yells “Easy, Allen, Easy.”(Norrington, Stephen. _League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_ 2003) Allan says “Skinner! I want you dressed up at all times!” (Norrington, Stephen. _League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_ 2003) This comes to show you that Skinner had made it extremely far into Quatermain’s room before getting caught and even Quatermain was stunned and wanted Skinner with clothes on. Invisibility had also helped Rodney Skinner in his criminal work as a gentlemen thief. He revealed himself in front of a few members of the league and said “Allow me to introduce myself. Rodney Skinner gentlemen thief. Now I thought invisibility would be a boon to my work.”( Skinner’s ability is one to be acknowledged and so it was, by Allan Quatermain when he was talking to Dorian Gray as he said “Even Skinner has stealth.” (Norrington, Stephen. _League of Extraordinary Gentlemen_ 2003)

The entire league thought that Skinner had taken the villain’s side because of his lengthy disappearance however this is not true for the mishap that he caused was in order to help them out. Sneaky Skinner goes aboard the Nautilus without a word and follows Gray and M to the evil lair. He reveals himself by sending a Morse code to the rest of the league saying “Hello, my freaky darlings.” “Hiding on aboard little fish with Gray and M on way to base, East by Northeast, follow my lead.”...
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