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Topics: Ottoman Empire, Mongol Empire, Ming Dynasty Pages: 9 (1937 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Chapter 15 The West and the Changing Balance
of Power
Multiple-Choice Questions
1) Which of the following was NOT a symptom of decline in the Arabic caliphate by 1400? A) The narrowing of intellectual life symbolized by the triumph of religion over literature, philosophy, and science

B) Landlords seized power over peasants
C) The decline of the Sufis
D) Decline of tax revenues for the state
E) Landlords ceased to experiment with new agricultural techniques.

2) By what date had the Arabs been virtually excluded from European trade? A) 900
B) 1000
C) 1100
D) 1350
E) 1453

3) Which of the following statements concerning Arabic trade after 1100 is most accurate? A) Arabic control of the seas was strengthened following 1100. B) Although Arabic trade was reduced, Muslims remained active in world markets. C) The total collapse of the Islamic world in the 12th century can best be compared to the fall of the Roman Empire.

D) The Arab trading complex was reduced after 1100 to the Middle East. E) Their economic decline could be compared to that of Rome.

4) Which of the following statements concerning the political fragmentation of the Arabic world in the 1400s is most accurate?
A) After the fall of the Abbasid caliphate, the emerging Ottoman Empire soon mastered most of the lands of the old caliphate plus the Byzantine corner. B) The political fragmentation caused by the fall of Baghdad lasted for several centuries under the decentralized administration of the Seljuk Turks.

C) The Mongol conquests eliminated any form of centralized government in the Middle East until the 17th century.
D) Following the fall of the Abbasid caliphate, the Middle East became part of the colonial empire of the emerging feudal states of western Europe.
E) The political system was chaotic for 300 years until the rise of a new political order under the Ottoman Turks.

5) Which of the following statements concerning the Ottoman Empire is most accurate? A) The rise of the Ottoman Empire restored the full international vigor that the Islamic caliphate had possessed.

B) Turkish rulers promoted trade more actively than did their Arab predecessors. C) The expansionist power of the Ottoman Empire was very real, but the focus on conquest and administration overshadowed wider commercial ambitions.

D) The Ottoman Empire had no expansionist interests or capabilities. E) The Ottomans competed with western Europe for Atlantic trade.

6) What area represented a new conquest for the Ottoman Empire in the late 1400s? A) Asia Minor
B) North Africa
C) Southeastern Europe
D) Mesopotamia
E) Russia

7) Which of the following statements concerning the Ottoman Empire is most accurate? A) Turkish rulers did not promote maritime trade as vigorously as had the Arabs. B) Scientific and philosophical investigations reached the level of innovation that they had enjoyed under the Abbasids.

C) The Turks refused to patronize the traditional Persian artists and craftsmen who had dominated the later Abbasid court.
D) The Ottomans were more interested in cultural patronage than in military organization. E) The Ottomans never mastered the full territorial extent of the old caliphate.

8) Which of the following civilizations first attempted to fill the commercial vacuum created by the decline in Arabic trade?
A) Russia
B) Japan
C) China
D) India
E) Sub-Saharan Africa

9) What Chinese dynasty succeeded the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China? A) Chou
B) Ming
C) Han
D) Tang
E) Qing

10) What was the innovation launched by the Ming dynasty?
A) Receiving tribute payments from Korea and Japan
B) Extending their political control over Vietnam and Korea
C) Use of a centralized bureaucracy but under the direct control of the emperor D) Mounting huge, state-sponsored trading expeditions throughout Asia and beyond E) The use of gunpowder weapons on both land and naval vessels

11) In what year did the Ming dynasty halt state-sponsored commercial voyages?...
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