Rodent and Beaver

Topics: Beaver, Rodent, Dam Pages: 4 (1393 words) Published: July 23, 2011

Have you ever seen a large dark animal swimming in a pond? Beaver is a clever and useful animal. This animal is very hard-working. It is a large dark animal. Beavers are mammals. They give milk to their babies. They have fur. They have a backbone like humans. Beavers are rodents. Rodents have huge front teeth that grow always all through the beaver’s life. The teeth are called incisors. Their teeth are very sharp. Other examples of rodents are mice, rats, squirrels and hamsters. Beavers are the largest rodents. Beavers can grow to be 1.4 meters long. Their fur is silky and waterproof. A beaver has very small ears. They can swim 3 kilometres an hour. Beavers can stay underwater for a long time. When a beaver is grown its weight is between 40 to 60 pounds. They can live 10 years or more. Did you know that the oldest beaver lived for 21 years? Beaver’s are nocturnal. That means they rest during the day and work during the night-time. The beaver’s tail is flat and it is shaped like a paddle. Beaver’s tail has scales. Beaver’s tail can grow about 30 cm long. Beaver’s have two front paws and each paw has five fingers. Each finger has a sharp claw for digging and holding food and other things. Also it has two back paws and each paw has five toes but only two claws. All five toes on each back paw are webbed, like a duck’s feet.

Adaptation & Habits
Beavers spend most of their time building dams, eating, grooming and playing. Beavers can swim underwater for 15 minutes because they have very big lungs. They have a lid on their eyes that help them to see well under water. Beavers have noses and ears that close when the beaver is in the water. The beaver’s front teeth are very strong and sharp. This helps them to bite and cutting down trees. Beavers can pull branches with their teeth. They use their front paws to roll down logs into the pond. The beaver's teeth have a hard orange coat on it. This helps keep their teeth from breaking. When...
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