Rod Stewart Forever Young Song Analysis

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Forever Young. Two words with meaning beyond their miniscule size. Rod Stewart’s 1980’s anthem ignites a spark in one’s mind to truly think deeper into the meaning of his decades old lyrics. Being young is something that every person has to go through and I believe that through the experiences of our youth we are able to grow not only in years but also in intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. By growing and going through the hardships that we experience as young people, we are then in turn able to give back to our children and future generations in helping them to grow and become better people. This is the perfect song for any parent to dedicate to their children. It’s about being there for your kids and leading by example. Every parent wants their children to be filled with integrity and dignity. Guiding your children to lead their lives on the right path and stray away from those who do not possess the qualities that we instill in our own families. This song sheds light on the ways in which a parent truly loves their child. Not only do we want to teach our children the correct way to live but we also need to show them by ‘practicing what we preach’. In the first and second lines of the song, we are introduced to the supernatural and all powerful protection that a parent wants for their child. He says “May the good Lord be with you, down every road that you roam”, I feel that by including a religious stand in the lyrics that the writer is giving all his faith and hope to a higher power in order to protect his child through all paths in life. As parents we are not always able to be there for our children and by giving power over to a higher being, I feel that we are given a sense of security and comfort. Knowing that someone or something is always watching over and standing beside our child is an added protection in addition to our parental protection. This is not the only religious reference included in the lyrics. In the third stanza, second to last line, Rod says...
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