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  • Published : May 25, 2006
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„«10th March 2006
„«Rocky (PG)
„«Running time= 115 Minutes
„«Year Made= 1976
„«Author= Unknown
„«Director= John G Avildsen
„«Producer= Irwin Winkler

ROCKY- Sylvester Stallone
MICKEY- Burgess Meredith
APOLLO- Carl Weathers

Plot Summary:
Rocky Balboa is a Philadelphia club fighter who seems to be going nowhere in his boxing career and even his life. As fate would have it, Rocky is chosen by The Heavyweight Champion of the World, Apollo Creed to fight for the World title. Rocky realizes that this is an opportunity to change from a ¡¥nobody¡¦ to a ¡¥somebody¡¦. Rocky is determined and goes into hard training and is managed by Mickey

Discussion of how the material relates to the issue Changing Self: Rocky is a boxer who fights against random fighters who aren¡¦t recognized by anyone. Rocky is given the chance to prove himself. It will take hard training, focus, and determination to win this nearly impossible fight against Heavyweight Champion of the World, Apollo Creed. By the end of the movie ¡§Rocky,¡¨ ¡¥World Recognition¡¦ is taken into effect.

Review of the quality or merit of the text:
This is a personal favorite of mine. The film has many effects on the audience both emotionally and physically. This movie is great as it has no ¡¥sexual content¡¦ or ¡¥course language.¡¦ Therefore the movie is able to be watched and enjoyed by all ages. In the movie, the special effect of slow motion is used especially during the fight. The camera angles move continuously going both closer and further away to show the main features of the movie. When the ¡§Rocky theme song¡¨ is played, this notifies the audience that a tense part in the movie is about to take place. These effects leave the audience at the edge of their seats.

Reflection on the issues or ideas raised in the text:
Rocky faces everyone he knows as they all say he has no chance in winning this fight against Apollo Creed but Rocky continues to have faith in himself and ignores what...
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