Rocky Mount, Va Geologic Map Report

Topics: Mineral, Mining, Geology Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: October 4, 2009
Geologic Map Report
The objectives of this project are showing a geologic map of Rocky Mount, minerals and rocks of Rocky Mount, major structures, rock formations, and economic value. Minerals and Rocks of Rocky Mount, VA

When going from North West to south east we start out with Serpentinite, and then we have some Schist, followed by Phyllite, Metasedimentary rock, Metagabbros, Metabasalt, and Marbles. There are large variations in the minerals in the rocks also. We have some mica, amphiboles, hematite, clay, quartz, pyroxene, garnets, olivine, and graphite. Major Structures

Rocky Mount is basically an anticline. The fault line for this is somewhere between Franklin County High School and Interstate 220. Rock Formation
I personally feel that Bald Knob formed by an earthquake. I believe this because of the structural make up of this formation. The different minerals that are on Bald Knob are found deep in the earth and by heavy pressure. Earthquakes happen when one of the tectonic plates deep in the earth slip and send large vibrations up to the earth. These vibrations and force cause rocks to shoot up out of the earth and later harden, forming large rock structures, like Rocky Mount’s own, Bald Knob. Economic Value

I feel that mining in the Rocky Mount area would be a good thing, because of the iron mining that was done in the 1800’s. Just because the miners couldn’t find any more doesn’t mean that there isn’t any more. We have more advance and powerful tools than the miners had back then. I feel that if someone can afford to and have the time to, they should pursue in hiring miners and buying equipment to mine. A good place to start would be the Rock Quarry off of 40 (in front of Schewels) and on Grassy Hill. Conclusion

I would like to conclude in saying that I feel that I’ve expressed the information the best way I could. I have discussed minerals and rocks, major structures, rock formations, and Franklin County’s...
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