Rocky Marciano

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Who is the most memorable boxer to you? certain names always come up, and always will come up.When boxing fans discuss the question of who was the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. Mahammad Ali, Joe Louis, ack Dempsey are all names which have there supporters. So is Rocky Marciano, who held the title for four years in the 1950s and who has one accomplishment no other heavyweight champ can claim: he is only one ever to retire undefeated. Early Life

Rocky Marciano was Born Semptember 1,1923 Brockton Massachusetts. he was the oldest of 6 children his parents were both italian immigrants. His Father name was Pierino, worked at a shoe factory. his mother name was Pasqualena, and Rocky Would spend most of his life making sure she didn't have to live in the poverty Rocky knew growing up. Rocky was a typical American growing up, playing baseball and football and dreaming of a professional career in one of these sports. Rocky at first dreamed to becoming major league baseball player rocky and his friends sped most of there time playing sand lot games Rocky himself was a good hitter but painfully slow and had only an average throwing arm Rocky left school at age sixteen and and took series of jobs doing manuel labor in order to help his father support his family. Although never a bully Rocky established himself as the best street fighter in the neighborhood but never he never never concidered a career in boxing not until 1943.("Great Atheletes") Tries BaseBall

Marciano had a tryout with the Chicago Cubs as a catcher but he was let go because he couldnt make the throw from homeplate to second base with accuracy it was the end of his baseball dreams
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