Rocky Horror Picture Show

Topics: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tim Curry, English-language films Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an allegory of where society was in the 1970s. Many young people were coming of age in the post 1960s sexual revolution. The climate of free love was butting up against the conservative regime of the times. In RHPS the characters run the gamut of sexual awareness. The author used a parody of the outwardly conservative and highly censored sci-fi films of the 1950s to give a glimpse into the underground sexual scene of the time. The main character of Dr. Frankenfurter is an alien sent here to study humanity for possible colonization. His world is less sexually restrictive than ours and he collects a following of humans who exists outside the acknowledged norms of society. His minions consist of two fellow aliens and an obviously unusual human female. We get the impression that he has been exploring all of the venues of sexual expression, with the basic tenet that anything goes. Eddy represents the so called rebel without a cause. By choosing to flout society and live the outlaw life, he sets himself up for betrayal and eventual death at the hands of his own comrades. We have Brad and Janet who represent the sexually repressed college students of the time; those uninitiated ignorant fools, who are following society’s narrow minded rules of the progression of love and marriage. They are at first afraid of Frankenfurter and his ilk, but gradually; and rather easily, they are drawn into his unrepentant bacchanal. Once they taste the forbidden fruit they are lost to the world of depraved sensuality. Even the elderly and crippled Dr. Scott is hiding a repressed sexuality just waiting to escape at the first opportunity. The film showed a wide variety of previously underground sexual groups. The Trans Sexual, the Swingers, the Homo and Bi sexual lifestyles are portrayed in an interesting and exciting light. Even though the film was considered a flop at the box office, it soon became a cult hit. Drawing fans...
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