Rocky Balboa

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Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa believes that what is right should always be given to who deserves it. In this speech with the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission (audience) he is turned down the right to get his boxer licenses back (purpose) even though every test they put him through he passed with flying colors. He expresses his disgust of being turned down due to his age by using pathos (emotions), ethos (credibility), and logos (logic).

The Commission chair informed Rocky that “The medical advisory board has informed them that the battery of test to which you have been subjected—you have passed these test with flying colors and we congratulate you for that.” In them stating this the logical thing would be to award Rocky his license back, but they later state, “However, this Commission, in good conscience, cannot recommend you for a license, and we therefore deny your application.” Rocky replies “Didn’t I do what you asked?” The Commission Representative replied, “Yes, yes you did.” Balboa asked, “So I should get my license, right?” Rocky get frustrated and almost leaves until he states, “Yo, don’t I got some rights?” He is referring to the Bill of Right. He used ethos (credibility) to come back at the Commission chair for their decision. As the conversation goes on Rocky breaks out into a speech and his voice is quiet persuasive with his words and ideas. As he reaches his closure he states, “ The older I get, the more things I gotta leave behind.” His emotions (pathos) sets in when he comet to the end of his argument and he tries to give it his all to overturn the commission. Rocky gives a very motivational speech and gets his point across very well to the Commission chair. I believe that the Commissions chair will rethink their decisions and possibly overturn their first decision about denying Rocky his license to box again. I can come to this conclusion due to the looks on the Commissions chairs faces and they seem to have had second thoughts about age and...
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