Rockwell's Defence in Consumerism - Summary Essay

Topics: Quality of life, Lew Rockwell, Life expectancy Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Oscar Neyra
Professor Maria Ammar
EN 101S
February 14, 2013

Summary on Rockwell’s Defense in Consumerism

Introduction :
According to Rockwell’s Defense in Consumerism, he argues different points on how the market economy touches all of our lives. Even when people claim that they have too much, consumerism and the market economy is still something that we all need. Eventually, we come to understand that now-a-days we have many choices in our lives. Thesis Statement : I will try to summarize a couple of key points based on Rockwell’s Defense in Consumerism, focusing on choices, demands and quality of life to make a summary of what Rockwell is trying to say.

Body Paragraph I :
Rockwell mentions many different choices in the market for everyone. Ranging from the heating of our homes to the type of water we want to drink. Not only that but many choices on the same product are also available. For example plain water or underground water from Fiji. It’s all about having a choice in our daily lives.

Body Paragraph II :
Demands are always there. Rockwell says that demands eventually help make new items available in the market. No matter how superfluous they might be. They open up a market in which everyone could benefit. Most services or goods were first created to meet superficial demands.

Body Paragraph III :
Rockwell argues about the quality life. The impact that consumerism has on the life expectancy now-a-days. Comparing it with the higher rate of mortality in the 1900. While making note that the population has exponentially risen as a result. All thanks to a better standard of living.


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