Rocking Horse

Topics: Family, Middle class, Love Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The "Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H. Lawrence is a story, which emphasizes a damaged relationship between a mother and her child. The author's work is known for its explorations of human nature and illustrates the nature of materialism. The author employs techniques of the fairy tale to moralize on the value of love and the dangers of money. D.H. Lawrence presents an upper class family that is destroyed by greed. The family continuously experienced the need for more money. D.H. Lawrence tells the reader about the downfall of a middle class family struggling to maintain appearances through habitual overspending.  The author displays the negative effect of money, luck and lack of love through greed. The main theme of the story is that greed destroys all in its path, and sometimes gets in the way of the truth and takes the place of love. In the story the mother and father are loveless and greedy. Neither the mother nor the father showed his or her love for the children. Their greed consumed and corrupted their innocent children, which ended in a tragic death. Greed consumes the mother's thoughts and distorts her outlook on life. She thinks that money is much more important than anything else, including her children, and no matter how much money she acquires she can never be happy. Greed has no boundaries with social inequality; however the innocent pays the maximum price. People are never happy with what they have and it's human nature. The more one gets the more one wants. Greed is powerful, and easy to accept to. In the middle class society, the mother symbolizes greed, which is demonstrated throughout the story such as, "She married for love, and the love turned to dust. She had bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them"(100). This creates an image of how cold the mother is towards her children. The mother stops respecting and loving her husband, once he is unable to provide her with all her extravagant taste. “Because...
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