Rocking Horse

Topics: Horse, Emotion, Love Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The Rocking Horse winner is a short story that shows how the lust for material things can lead to destructive effects. The Rocking Horse Winner is base in the late 1920 right before the great depression. So I can imagine with the hard economically times it would be hard for parents to provide for their children. D.H. Lawrence gave a good prospective on how low a people would go to remain good status among other people. Hester Paul’s mother represents greed and selfishness with her lust for material things which she desire more than her children. “She had bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her, and she could not love them “D.H Lawrence makes it know that Hester is not capable of being emotionally attached to her children. Instead Hester feel like that the children are a heavy weight on her shoulders. Instead of loving her children Hester replace love with money and expensive gifts. She is full with greed and can feel only satisfaction for money. “When her children were present, she always felt the center of her heart was hard little place that could not feel love. “She is such a good mother, she adores her children”. Only she herself, and the children themselves, knew it was not so” Hester portrays to be a good mother, that is filled with passion for her children but in fact her heart is not capable of the tenderness and affection love brings. Hester seem that she cannot love any human being. Hester does not even love her husband. Monsey is the only thing that Hester can truly be devoted to. Her steady lust for money and debt place her in financial dilemmas. Even though her desire for money is established riches comes with a price of her sons Paul’s life. Seemingly, Hester is disturbed when Paul become sick but she can’t grasp the fact the own actions is the cause of Paul’s early death. “His mother sat, feeling her heart had gone, turned actually into a stone” Even at Paul death bed Hester still reframe from showing Paul any comfort...
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