Rocket and Evolution

Topics: Rocket, Hermann Oberth, Space exploration Pages: 4 (1302 words) Published: March 22, 2013
History of Rockets
Our time there has been an evolution in our history of rockets. It has been one man-kinds greatest invention for thousands of years. Rockets date back to 400 B.C in the city Tarentum from a roman writer named Aulus Gellius as he tells a story of a Greek, named Archytas. Archytas used his invention to amuse and baffle the people by flying a wooden pigeon using steam to propel the bird suspended off wires. Couple three hundred years later after the invention of Archytas flying pigeon another Greek, Hero of Alexandria invented a something similar rocket device called an aeolipile, also using steam as gas to make it rise off the ground. Hero described using the device by mounting a sphere on top of a water kettle, as the fire below the kettle, turned the water into steam, making the gas travel through the pipes to the sphere. On too two L-shaped tubes on opposite sides of the sphere which allowed the gas to escape, and that so gave trust to the sphere causing it to rotate. It is still unclear when the first rockets appeared. There have been stories, of such rocket type inventions from time to time through records of various cultures. Could be that the first true rockets could of came from anywhere. Chinese records have indicated that in the first century A.D, reportedly used gunpowder. To create explosives for religious festivals, using bamboo tubes and adding the gunpowder to make it propel. Later on the Chinese began experimenting with the tubes and attaching them to arrows launching them and making them explode, this making the first rocket. The date reporting the first true use of rockets was in 1232. During this time there was a war between the Chinese and Mongols in the battle of kai-keng, the Chinese repelled the invasion using a bombardment of “arrows of flying fire” said kai-keng. The rocket was a tube containing gunpowder on one-half, and the other a long stick. As soon as the powder was lighted it launched using the stick as a...
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