“Rock Powder Candy “

Topics: Nucleation, Crystallization, Sugar Pages: 6 (1506 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Division of Cavite
Biclatan Annex
Biclatan, General Trias, Cavite

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
In Science and Technology III

Science Investigatory Project (SIP)
“Rock Powder Candy “

John Kenneth Geran
Jomarie Magdaraog
Queency Gonzales
Carla Marie Llabres
Mary Angelika Nachor
Sheena Niegas
Liza Rosete
Jezica Villanueva
Razel Anne Voloso

Mrs. Maricel Mayorga Danumen



The hypothesis of this experiment is that if I add different amounts of sugar to the same amount of boiling water and allow it to be cooled, than the one with the additional cup of sugar will be the one that grows more crystals.   Therefore, the hypothesis was correct.   The chosen glass to add the pure cane sugar did grow much more crystals at a more rapid pace.   The purpose of the experiment is to grow a large amount of crystals on a wooden skewer.   Rock candy is a candy made with sugar that to attempt to grow on a wooden skewer.   This delicious candy is actually crystallized sugar that from a sugar-water solution.   Along with this, this Science Investigatory Project (SIP) is intentionally would like to educate each and every individual how to grow their own rock candy and determine if they utilize different types of sugar, it will change the growth rate of your sugar crystals. Every sugar added into the extra cup in the observation 2, it grew approximately 8 cm more than observation 1 over a period of 5 days.


This experiment would not come into conclusion without the following persons who inspired and helped us to come up with this research. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who cooperate and shared their time helping to complete this endeavor. To our group member, for coming and help a lot to make our experiment delicious, and to the other group member who didn’t come but contributing, thank you. To the beloved mother of Nachor, who guides and gives ideas and for correcting we are doing, thank very much. Lastly to our loving and merciful god who gave us wisdom to us. Thank you so much, without you we were nothing.

Table of contents

a. Background of the study
b. Statement of the problem objectives
1. General objectives
2. Discussion Specific objectives
c. Significance of the study
d. Scope and limitations
e. Review of related literature
a. Materials/equipment
b. Treatment/general procedure
Results and discussion
a. Findings
b. Analysis of data


The hypothesis is, if I add more sugar to the same amount of boiling water, it will grow more crystals. I believe the more sugar you add to the water the thick and more concentrated the water will be.   There will be more sugar to come out of the solution when it is sitting for a period of time. I chose this project because edible sugar crystals sounded like a good idea to create and try.   I saw this idea from Science Bob website and thought it was interesting.

a. Background of the study

Rock candy is very easy to do... You just need basic kitchen ingredients and a lot of time and patience. The candy is made by the process called crystallization. You will find out later why. The candy is made of water and sugar (melted in the water) only flavorings and food colors are optional. Of course the melted sugar needs a solid substance so it can crystallize there.So dip astick, straw, anything clean to the mixture and it will crystallizethere. The original ingredients in making a typical candy arealmond paste, cocoa butter, dry fondant, etc. We conducted this study to investigate if we can arrive to a product similar to a classic

b. Statement of problem objectives
The study...
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