Rock Concert

Topics: Heavy metal music, Hardcore punk, Rock music Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Sex, Drugs, Violence and Rebellion. Those were my low expectations of the heavy metal rock concert that took place on 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. Due to my lack of knowledge with attending Rock Concerts, (mind you this was my first-ever concert in general), my expectations of the concert were based off of stereotypes and television shows that I scrutinized and judged when I was in elementary school. However, my thoughts about the concert, the people that I was going to encounter, and the venue scene were utterly wrong, and even ignorant. Instead of watching drunk girls take off their tight, ripped shirts and loud boys drink cheap beer, I had a music revelation and experienced an extremely, and very much not-anticipated, culture shock. The 924 Gilman St. Venue was not as big and ostentatious as I expected. Instead of thousands of people in the crowd, there were only about 30 people. And some of the people were even peers from my class! Furthermore, there was no graffiti on the outside of the building, even though the place did have a private underground scenery. The people inside, on the other hand, were covered in tattoos. At the moment, I felt insecure and that I did not fit in. Was it a mistake to come? Moreover, instead of listening to 25 acts, there were only a mere six. I know these details might seem inconsequential, but it affected my experience. In fact, the only stereotypical things that occurred were the following: loud music, head rocking, and fist pumping. The first act,”Into the Pit Metal Night Star,” and their second to last song titled “Metal” had a nice head-bobbing rhythm that didn’t make me want to take tylenol afterwards. The mood was remarkably mellow for the active goers of heavy metal music. For me, it was exciting and quite entertaining, even though I wished that they would lower the volume. Around the end of the concert, I spoke to the bassist in “Zombie Death Stench” and he told me that Heavy Metal is the type of music...
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