Rock Climbing

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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I’m the type of person who loves adventure. I love the thrill of doing something crazy but I have this one fear and it causes my legs to feel weak. I feel a lump in the back of my throat and I start second guessing myself. As thoughts of falling run through my mind, the ground seems to appear as a treasured place. My stomach starts to feel strange while my palms get clammy. I am scarred of heights but I was determined to conquer my fear. It wasn’t really the fear of being in a high place. Rather, the view of a long way to fall, rocks far below me and no firm wall between me and the edge. There are no guardrails for me to hold onto, just the ones I can imagine in my mind. It was a hot, humid day in the middle of June. The air was warm and steamy. My boyfriend and I were on our way to Seneca Rocks. We stopped and parked at the start of the mountain. Although the rocks seemed quite stable, it looked like it would just snap off at any moment. My boyfriend, Mark, rock climbed before but this was my first time. I looked up and realized how much I wanted to be standing up on top of it. I was still contemplating on whether or not I would actually go through with it. I wanted too but every time I thought of the idea, my heart would beat faster and faster. Something about myself that I have learned is that sometimes you don’t know what to expect of me. I like to be spontaneous but sometimes my nerves get the best of me. Mark got all of his equipment on and was ready to go. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest but I kept reminding myself that you only live once. There were also very experienced rock climbers nearby, so that made me feel a little better. I knew I would have regretted not going through with it. Mark talked me into it and encouraged me to stick it out. Questioning my own thoughts, I decided I should at least attempt to climb it. I obviously chose the path that seemed the easiest. With all of these thoughts racing through my head I began...
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