Rock Classification

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Rock Music
Even with the advent and popularization of pop, soul, R&B, rap and hip-hop in the MTV era, rock is a genre of music that has retained a wide fan base with hordes of enthusiasts since the late 1960s. Read on to learn of the origins of rock music and its proponents... What is Rock?

Essentially "Rock" is an eclectic mix of a prominent vocal melody accompanied by guitar, drums, and bass. Several bands use an innovative mix of piano, synthesizers, saxophone, flute, mandolin and sitar to heady effect. The earliest known roots of rock music as a unique genre of music branching out from rock ‘n’ roll date back to the early-to-mid 1960s. Over the next 5 decades since then, rock has been propelled into being one of the most popular and best-selling branches of commercial music by now legendary artists.

With the wave of popularity of rock ‘n’ roll, made immensely popular by the Beatles, two British bands – Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, in completely contrasting styles, founded the sub-genres of progressive rock and heavy metal. Pink Floyd explored a more psychedelic sound combining electric guitars and keyboards to create amazing sound variations while Black Sabbath delved into a darker, heavier sound emphasizing a slow tempo and tuned down guitars.

The next few years saw an explosion in the rock genres in general giving rise to varied genres discussed in this article along with other less known genres. As you will be able to tell many genres are very hard to define and others overlap with each other making clear lines between genres impossible to draw.

Rock Classifications
Numerous branches of rock have been born – rock ‘n’ roll, soft rock, hard rock, progressive rock, metal, alternative, grunge... each of which have several subtle variations. e.g heavy metal has branched off into progressive, death, acid, dark ambient, power, symphonic, Goth…the list goes on.

Progressive Rock is a very open and intertwined genre of music which got...
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