Rocco by Sheryl Jordan: Summary

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Written by Sherryl Jordan
Rocco is a story about a modern teenager named Rocco Makepeace who has been teleported in his sleep to the remote valley of Anshur which is unknown of the world today. When Rocco first appears in Anshur, the valley reminds him of his trouble dreams. He is confronted by local villagers who turn out to be children and is beaten unconscious because of the children’s suspicion of him being a spy. He awakes in cave and meets Petur (chieftain of the valley), Narvik (peturs eldest son) Jakob (youngest son) and a beautiful girl named Ilsabeth (Peturs daughter). Rocco is decided upon by the villagers and is rejected by most and is almost exiled into the voidances (a desert surrounding the Valley of Anshur) until the village elder named Ayoshe votes for him to stay. Ayoshe quotes “There will be no judgement on Rocco,” and also adds “there will be no questions, no answers, no arguments. He is free to stay a time as our guest. Consider him my son” The newly accepted Rocco is then taught the ways of Anshur by the children of the village. As the days pass Rocco has gained many skills and increased his fitness level. Narviks wedding is taking place on the 5th night of Rocco’s stay in Anshur and Rocco discusses with Petur about a knew irrigation system for their crops. After Ayoshe blesses Narvik and his newly made wife Narvik is greets Rocco with happiness. The wedding Garland is passed on towards Rocco which was worn during the ceremony by Narvik. Not knowing of the village’s customs Rocco is then engaged towards Ilsabeth because he had chosen to dance with Ilsabeth first. He soon realizes what he has done when Jakob explains to him while shepherding of a herd of goats. The next event leads Rocco to a major injury on his leg from a wildcat. This expanded the hate between Rocco and Jakob because Rocco knew that Jakob could of killed the wildcat earlier. After his wounds had been treated, Rocco...
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