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Introduction Paragraph. The novel Rocco, by Sherryl Jordon, is a fantasy-fiction set in a modern western, suburban family. However, the protagonist, Rocco Makepeace, is transported into another world or dimension, through what he perceives to be a dream.

Next: Briefly answer the TWO PARTS of the question you have chosen. An important character in the novel, is the main character, Rocco Makepeace. He is important because is only through him and his maturity and development as a person that the world is saved from a nuclear disaster. Rocco Makepeace begins life as a typical young modern man but when he enters the world of Anshur he starts to see life is in a different way. He starts to mature and realise that he can actually have some sort of control over his future and that of the world. The character of Rocco, undergoes a series of challenges in the other world. Thus, his personality changes, and he matures. Rocco is the only person in the modern world who has been to the world of Anshur and it is only he who can come back to the modern world and save it from disaster.

Second Paragraph. In this paragraph you answer the FIRST PART OF THE QUESTION IN MORE DEPTH. “Describe an important character of individual in the text.” Here is where you start to include your quotes or “sound bites”. These quotes or sound bites are the evidence for what you are arguing.

There are many characters in Rocco but most important character is Rocco Makepeace himself. Rocco starts out in life as a young immature man who lives with his mother, father and sister in a modern western home. Rocco is dependant upon his family not only for his survival, but also for small things, such as keeping his room clean. His father has to constantly remind him to do small tasks such as tidying up his room. “I should get dirt money for doing your room” his father tells him. Rocco is cynical. He does not believe in anything that is...
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