Robots in Plastic Surgery

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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When deciding to have a plastic surgery, do you totally believe that the surgeon’s hands can bring you the perfect result without mistakes? If you are still confused about saying “yes” or “no”, why don’t you think about a robotic surgery? Robotics is a modern technology and today most of the things are being automated with the help of robots. Robotic equipments that are available for the medical industry to use are great and they actually benefit surgical procedures. Therefore, robots should be our best choice for plastic surgery because of these following reasons. Robotic surgical technology offers an absolute precision of results. The chances of a robot going wrong are very minimal. Robot arms remain steady at all times and robot wrists make it easier for surgeons to work from all kinds of angles - positions surgeons would have difficulty reaching otherwise. Therefore, it permits the surgeon to move instruments with such accuracy that the current definition of surgical precision is exceeded. Robots are possible enough for use in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that require tremendous precision, such as facelift and eyelid surgery. The robotic equipments are capable of making tiny and accurate incisions which are highly required in plastic surgery. Small incision brings many benefits to patients such as less bleeding, less risk of infection, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay and especially less scarring. The patients leave the hospital just about one or two days after the operation. Approximately 90% of patients can return to work or resume full activity in only two to three weeks. The main benefit of small incisions by robots is minimal scarring. Most of patients having plastic surgeries are women; therefore, they all hopes to have no scars or at least small scars. Breast augmentation is one of plastic procedures needing tiny incisions to minimize scars for female patients. Robots are considered as the best way to do this...
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