Robotics Technology

Topics: Robot, Robotics, Isaac Asimov Pages: 3 (485 words) Published: May 30, 2010
Week 5 – INF 103 Computer Literacy Presented by Mary Ulrich February 25, 2010

Table of Contents
 Definition of Robotics  History of Robots  Laws of Robotics  Three Main Categories  Robot Part Types  Science of Robotics  Impact on Society  Applications  Conclusion  Sources

Definition of Robotics and Robots Robotics: the technology dealing with the design,

construction, and operation of robots in automation  Robots: re-programmable multi-functional manipulators designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through various programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks

History of Robotics
The term robot is derived from a Czech word robota, meaning forced labor. It was first used in 1921 by Karel Capek, a Czech playwright who wrote plays about fictional monsters. Capek used the word to describe a sophisticated machine that would help man with hard work.

Laws of Robotics –
Isaac Asimov, who is considered to be The Father of Robotics, devised three “Laws of Robotics” in 1942, later adding the Zeroeth Law. These laws dealt with humans’ interaction with robots.

Three Main Categories of Robots  Industrial Robots: robots which perform repetitive

manufacturing tasks, they are designed to continuously repeat the same process without change  Research/Service Robots: robots that assist in exploration and collection of information  Educational Robots: robots considered as toys or kits which are made to use as a learning tool

Robot Part Types –
Robots are made up of three main components:

A mechanical device that can interact with surroundings Sensors that provide feedback from their environment A system to communicate between the mechanical device and sensory data

Science of Robotics Robotics is a fairly new science that holds many possibilities for our future. This field is becoming more useful in today’s modern society. From experimental robots in science fiction novels to car...
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