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Robotics has revolutionized the way industries operate, the way items are built, and the way society lives. Robotics is a fairly new technological advance that has made lives easier, and has provided a breakthrough for many operations and businesses. In a way, robotics is the future for businesses as well as the future of mankind. Like any other type of technology, robotics can be used in various industries, has advantages and disadvantages, and has a long history of how it came about. There are many aspects of robotics to be considered which include educational fields that one can choose, and the types of applications and industries robotics is found in.

Safety is an important concept and part of robotics, especially because of its complexity. Being well educated in the field of robotics can play an important role on safety as well. This field can greatly reduce the workload and can increase the productivity in many companies, no matter how big or small. Robotics is the future, and embracing it will help in the future success of businesses. History of Robotics

The actual word robot was made popular by an author in his 1921 play. This author claims that his brother was the inventor of the word, which comes from the Czech word “robota” meaning servitude. Robots were first used in factories such as industrial companies, where these would fix machines in order to handle manufacturing tasks that facilitated the production and assisted humans in their everyday tasks. Robots such as industrial robots that used artificial intelligence have actually been around since the 60’s. After the 1950’s computers along with robotics started to increase in popularity as well as complexity and numbers as technology also began to advance. In 1961, the first industrial robot was built to work on the General Motors assembly line, and this machine was conceived in 1954 by George Devol and was called Unimate. The name was given because the robot was manufactured by a company called Unimation. Unimate is to this day remembered as the first industrial robot ever built. After the first robot was built, many others started to come around, and in 1971 the first microprocessor called 4004 was created by Ted Hoff at Intel. Many other creations began to follow such as programming language called Prolog, which became the basic language in the field of artificial intelligence, then came the first industrial robot with six electromechanic axes, then the silver arm, capable of replicating human hands. Currently, robots are used to monitor outer space. In April of 2001, the Canadarm2, which was attached to the space station, was launched into orbit. This robot was a much larger and more capable version of a previously used arm. Another break though in the robotics field made it to stores in 2002. The Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner manufactured by the company iRobot became quite popular during this time. The most recent robotic creation was the Robonaut 2, which is the latest generation of astronaut helpers that was launched into the space station on the STS-133 mission. This is the first humanoid robot in space. Some of its features included showing engineers how robots actually behave in space so they could work on upgrades and possible advances that would assist spacewalkers perform their scientific work. Google also came out with robotic vehicles, called Google driveless cars, which became famous in 2010. These robotic vehicles had drivers behind the wheels in case of an emergency, and drove to various places while taking pictures of their surroundings.

Unimate Google Images4004 Google Images

Canadarm2 Google ImagesThe Roomba Google Images

Robonaut 2 - Google ImagesGoogle’s Driveless Car Google Images


Robotics as any other industry and profession has advantages and disadvantages.

Business decisions usually come with pros and cons especially when it coms to automating...
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