Topics: Robot, Robotics, Service-oriented architecture Pages: 22 (4870 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Service-oriented computing concept becomes a distinct
architectural model that has been considered by the
community as one that can fully leverage the open
interoperability potential of web services. For instance, if applications reusable logic is exposed as web services, the
reuse potential is significantly increased.
Since service logic is now possible to be accessed through
open communications framework, it becomes available to
a wider range of service consumers.
Given that web services provide a communications
framework based on physically decoupled contracts it
allows services communication to be fully standardized
independently from its implementation. This allows a
potentially high level of service abstraction while rising
the possibility to decouple the service from proprietary
implementation details.
Buyya, in [2] considered that “Cloud computing
refers to the provision of computational resources on
demand via a computer network”. An example of how this
concept works is found in everyday services provided by
companies like Google when they provide a word
processing service to clients without actually possessing
the software to do it locally in their machines. Since the
cloud is the underlying delivery mechanism, cloud based
applications and services may support any type of
software application or service in use today.
Extending that concept, cloud computing allows a
functional separation between the resources used and the
user's computer, usually residing outside the local
network. Consumers now routinely use data intensive
applications driven by cloud technology which were
previously unavailable due to cost and deployment
complexity. In many companies’ employees and company
departments are bringing a flood of consumer technology
into the workplace which raises legal compliance and
security concerns for the corporation. These issues could
be tackled using cloud computing, where the company
would contract one service that could be used by each one
of its employees.
Cloud computing is now so popular that distinct research
groups are exploring this idea applied to robotics. Robots
are being prepared to connect to a cloud computing
infrastructure and access vast amounts of processing

This paper proposes an approach for an automated system
composed by mobile robots and a smart-room following
service oriented architecture, aiming to undertake complex
and heavily computational tasks to aid the user in the
execution of determined tasks. The proposed approach is
inspired by the principles of Service Oriented
Architecture, relying in cloud computing to provide an
increased degree of scalability to the system.
The robotic system will complement the group of virtual
networks that the user may already be a part of,
contributing as a connection bridge between virtual and
real “worlds”.
The objective of this work targets the implementation of a
service robotic system that allows distant groups of robots
to share and exchange learned skills and improve
cooperation with human agents. The connection to the
cloud plays the role of knowledge repository for the
robotic system. This will allow for distant groups of
robots to share and exchange each other’s learned skills
and adapt to new situations of cooperation with human
A use case scenario is presented and suggests the
application of the system in Assisted Living situations. In
this scenario the context aware ability orchestrate the
system towards providing health care services.
Service Oriented Architecture, Mobile Robots, Cloud
Computing, Technology and architecture evolution for
Robotics and Humanoids.



The technical foundations of the Service-Oriented
Architecture (SOA) vision and web services are wellknown and widely recognized and accepted as a suitable architectural style for developing modern applications [1].
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)...
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