Robotic Surgery

Topics: The Reader, Genetically modified food, Carriage return Pages: 7 (1894 words) Published: January 5, 2009
EPD 155Rough draft due: Tues., March 30 (3 copies)

Argumentative essay (Project 3)Final draft due: Fri., Apr. 16 (4 p.m., mailbox)

Page 1 of 3Include:
• Hard copies of all sources • 1-2 pg. “What I revised and why” • 2 peer edits

• Instructor comments • Nutshell worksheet

Purpose: This writing assignment should help you learn to research a controversial technical issue and take a stand on it. When writing this paper, you will practice making a logical, ethical, emotionally compelling argument with an attempt to persuade.

Format: Typed, double-spaced, 2000-2500 words, not counting references page(s). Font size should be 12 pt. Your rough draft should be at least 5 full pages, and the final draft must be at least 2000 words or you will lose points. Be sure to put the word count on the top right corner of the final draft, along with your ID number.

Documentation: Use APA style, including in-text parenthetical documentation. See your textbook.

Sources: Use at least 12 outside sources for your paper, including at least one article from a scholarly journal, preferably a publication that uses the peer review process. Remember to hand in hard copies of all sources that you use. If you fail to hand in hard copies, the instructor will not grade your paper because she will not be able to verify the authenticity of your research, writing, and documentation.

Tone: Use a professional tone. In general, avoid using "I" and "you."

Topic: Choose a controversial topic in an engineering or technical field and take a stand on it. Make sure the issue is relatively complex, and not something upon which there is already easy agreement. Your position should probably not be an all-or-nothing stand, but a careful weighing of the many factors that have bearing on your issue. You should show that you have researched the issue in depth and given the matter careful thought. You also need to take a definite stand and try to persuade the reader to accept your view. Keep in mind that you will also give your presentation to the class on this topic, so remember to relate the topic to your peers.

Below are suggested topics. Remember that the topic must be relatively controversial. If you wish to write about a topic not on the list, you must get the instructor’s permission. If you want to choose a different topic than you did for Essay 2, that’s OK as long as the topic has been approved by the instructor or it is on the list.

Note: The instructor has not researched these issues. Make sure you look for sources as you decide on a topic, as solid sources are tougher to find for some topics.

Crash data recorders in cars: Should they be required by law or do they infringe on our personal rights? Cellular phones and driving safety: Are cell phones a major cause of accidents? Should teen drivers not use? Laws about? Computer keystroke loggers and workplace or home privacy issues (Your boss or parent can see every letter you type) Computers (or computer games) and gender: Why don’t girls game as much as boys? Are computer games sexist? Computers and their use in schools

Digital rights management; music copyright
Electromagnetic fields: Harmful to your health?
Electronic cash (or Smart Cards) Should cards with computer chips replace current cash system? If so, how? Should they be used for ID purposes?
National ID card (electronic): Will it prevent terrorism? Infringe on our personal rights? Create a police state? Engineering education issues (Let instructor know specifics.) Fuel cell vehicles: They’re great, but are they feasible?

Hybrid vehicles (be sure to find a controversial angle)
Intelligent traffic systems
Internet issues (Let instructor know specifics you want to research.) Labeling of...
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